Quality Management Program

At Aphria, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. Government and regulatory bodies set the baseline standards to ensure an adequate product. But for us, adequate isn’t good enough.

Through our Quality Management Program, Aphria has always adopted pharmaceutical-grade quality assurance and control, which includes the following:

Chemical Pesticide-Free
We do not use chemical pesticides that are not authorized by Health Canada for use on cannabis; we use biological controls. Aphria determines the nutrients and proportions that make up our fertilizer blends which significantly reduces the risk of unwanted chemicals that can be found in ‘pre-mixed’ fertilizers. Once processing is complete, every batch is subjected to full testing against stringent quality specifications set for activity and purity.

We made a strategic investment in a state-of- the-art greenhouse in Leamington, Ontario, which enables us to produce medical cannabis that meets our exacting standards of quality, consistency, and safety.

Good Production Practices
All personnel involved in growing, processing or packaging undergo Good Production Practices training as well as task specific training to ensure consistency, predictability, and safety.

Seed-to- Sale Assurance
We characterize seeds and cuttings and stringently apply ideal growing conditions. Once production begins, we tightly control all aspects of the growing cycle to avoid contamination and ensure predictable results. Only products that meet specifications will be released by the Quality department for sale.

Post-Production Stability Program
In addition to customer feedback systems, our Production and Quality teams work together to effectively match the craft of growing a medicine that has a 1,000-year history of use with all the tools that modern science and technology has to offer to provide a product that is consistent, predictable, and safe for all Canadians.

Considering recent media coverage around pesticide-laden medical marijuana and the impact this is having on Canadians who unknowingly consumed it, Aphria has requested stricter regulations from Health Canada. Please see attached letter for details on our request.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does Aphria use pesticides?
No, Aphria does not and never will use pesticides. Here at Aphria we are committed to using natural solutions which is why we use biological controls to ensure we maintain ideal growing conditions.
2How do I know your cannabis is safe/chemical free?
Providing medical cannabis to our patients means we have an innate responsibility to ensure that we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, often above and beyond what is currently mandated for our industry. While this guiding principle touches every point of our production, here are just a few of the critical steps we take to ensure your safety: We have adopted pharmaceutical grade quality assurance and control processes that include exhaustive testing for every batch of cannabis that is produced; We determine the nutrients and proportions that make up our fertilizer blends to ensure we significantly reduce the risk of unwanted chemicals that can be found in ‘pre-mixed fertilizers'; Our greenhouse only uses biological controls to ensure ideal growing conditions instead of chemical alternatives. Here at Aphria our management team has over 35 years of experience in agriculture and over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical space and we don’t need to rely on chemicals because we know how to grow naturally.

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