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Log into your patient account or call our Patient Care Team
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Order Process

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    Log into your patient account or call our Patient Care Team

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    Select the medical cannabis products best suited for you  


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    Place your order online or by phone

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    Receive your discretely packaged order directly at your door

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I know your cannabis is safe/chemical free?
Providing medical cannabis to our patients means we have an innate responsibility to ensure that we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, often above and beyond what is currently mandated for our industry. While this guiding principle touches every point of our production, here are just a few of the critical steps we take to ensure your safety: We have adopted pharmaceutical grade quality assurance and control processes that include exhaustive testing for every batch of cannabis that is produced; We determine the nutrients and proportions that make up our fertilizer blends to ensure we significantly reduce the risk of unwanted chemicals that can be found in ‘pre-mixed fertilizers'; Our greenhouse only uses biological controls to ensure ideal growing conditions instead of chemical alternatives. Here at Aphria our management team has over 35 years of experience in agriculture and over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical space and we don’t need to rely on chemicals because we know how to grow naturally.
2What are the legal sources of medical cannabis?
The only legal access to medical cannabis in Canada is through Health Canada Licensed Producers, such as Aphria. Some Canadians still have personal production license, which grants them authorization to produce medical cannabis for personal use.
3How do I obtain a prescription for medical cannabis?
It’s best to speak to your physician about why you want to try medical cannabis. If your physician is not comfortable prescribing medical cannabis, contact our Patient Care team for a complete list of prescribing physicians in your area.
4Can I travel with my medical cannabis?
Travelling with medical cannabis is permitted within Canada. Be sure to carry your registration documentation and store your cannabis in its original prescription bottle. If you’re flying, call the airline ahead of time to ensure you won’t run into any security delays.
5Am I getting a licensed card to carry my medical cannabis?
Patients may possess up to 30 times the daily quantity of dried marijuana specified in their medical document or up to 150 grams (whichever is less). In accordance with the ACMPR, a patient’s proof of authorization to possess medical cannabis is the client specific label with their details on each of their bottles and an appropriate piece of photo identification to demonstrate legal possession. Therefore, we are no longer required to supply our patients with a Patient ID card, and they are no longer required to carry one.
6What does the product label mean when it shows Actual vs. Potential?
All Licensed Producers, under Health Canada’s ACMPR, are now required to report both the actual and potential potency on our product label. This is a label change only and does not indicate a change to the products’ potency. The actual potency (THC and CBD) is the percentage of cannabinoids that the dried flower possesses as it occurs in its original dried state (i.e. – if you were to consume a dried cannabis bud without heating it). In order to activate the full potency potential of the cannabinoids (THC, THCa and CBD, CBDa) dried cannabis flower must be decarboxylated. Decarboxylation occurs when dried cannabis flower is heated through vaporization, smoking or cooking thereby converting the THC-A to THC and CBD-A to CBD.
7How much medical cannabis can I possess?
Patients may possess a one month’s supply of cannabis or 150 grams, whichever is less.
8How can I consume medical cannabis?
Patients can use dried cannabis in a variety of ways. Patients may chose to vaporize, smoke, or make edibles and teas with their medical cannabis. Cannabis oil can be applied directly under the tongue or incorporated into various recipes
9What is the difference between dried cannabis and cannabis oil?
Along with the differing ingestion methods, cannabis oil is processed by the body differently than dried cannabis. This results in a gradual onset of effects in comparison to smoking or vaporizing dried cannabis. Patients report experiencing the effects of cannabis oil for a longer duration than smoked or vaporized dried cannabis.
10Is medical cannabis covered by Health Care benefits?
Currently, medical cannabis is not covered by most insurance plans. However, medical cannabis may be claimed as a medical expense for tax purposes.
11How much do I pay for shipping on my order?
Aphria offers free shipping on all orders of 30g or more. If a patient places an order for less than 30g, associated shipping costs will be added to the cost of the order. Shipping costs vary depending on the province in which you reside. Patients who do not have a monthly prescription of 30 grams or more, are eligible for free shipping if they order their entire prescription.
12What is your cannabis oil made with?
Aphria’s oils are made with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil. MCT oil is used widely in the food, pharmaceutical and nutritional industry. Our MCT oil is not derived from coconut, but from palm kernel oil.
13Does cannabis have a DIN (Drug Identification Number) for insurance coverage purposes?
Unfortunately, medical cannabis does not have a Drug Identification Number because Health Canada has not classified it as a drug. When Health Canada classifies it as a prescription drug, a DIN will be issued to Medical Marijuana to aid our patients with reimbursement. Currently, there are a few insurance companies who have agreed to cover cannabis as a form of medication. Please speak with your insurance provider and get in touch with Aphria should your insurance be on board with cannabis coverage.
14Does cannabis have an expiry date?
Until regulations change with Health Canada, the ACMPR does not require an expiry date to be included on bottles of medical marijuana. More information to follow as it becomes available.
15Do you have compassionate pricing?
No, Aphria does not have compassionate pricing. We pride ourselves on providing clean, safe and cost effective products to all our patients. Our average selling price is $7.20/gram and we generally offer a monthly promotional discount on our strains (promotional discounts may vary per month). In addition, we offer a pre-milled hybrid blend of our high quality dried cannabis buds called Grower's Blend that sells for $4.00/gram.

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