Aphria is committed to producing a range of high-quality, safe and pure medical cannabis products to meet our patients’ needs.


Our high-quality cannabis capsules contain a precise dose of active cannabinoids in the form of purified cannabis oil. Cannabis capsules provide the therapeutic benefit of cannabinoids in a convenient form for reliable and consistent relief. While this form of ingestion may result in a longer onset of effects, the duration of effect is typically longer. The easy-to-use capsule form offers reliable and consistent dosing with the added benefit of discrete use.

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Oral Solutions

Our oral solution contains purified cannabis oil in a liquid form. The oral solution is ingested orally and can be taken with foods and beverages of your choice. The solution is alcohol-free. It contains natural flavorings to enhance the taste experience and offers patients with a longer duration of effects. Compared to other cannabis products, oral solutions may have a longer onset of effects. Our convenient dropper allows for easy titration and flexibility in dosing to ensure that patients get the right dose every time. The oral solution is available in multiple dosage strengths for your convenience.

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Our syringe products are versatile and can be consumed in various forms, including orally or heated at a high temperature. The cannabis oil has been further refined in order to remove waxes and lipids for a smoother, cleaner, and solventless experience. The syringe includes a dosage indicator which measures up to 20 graduations in .05 ml increments, allowing for accurate consumption. Each unit contains approximately 45 mg of THC.

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Our single-unit vaporizer cartridges are pre-filled with purified cannabis oil made from cannabis plant extract and natural terpenes. Our vaporizer solution does not contain any other oils or harmful additives. The cartridge is designed to be used with our vaporizer battery and charger. The process of vaporizing involves heating the cannabis oil allowing for the active cannabinoids to be inhaled through a mouthpiece on the vaporizer device. Vaporizers are flexible to use and provide quick relief.

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